Our Mission

The mission of Inparibus is to enhance the safety of drug treatments, ultimately improving people’s health and quality of life. We work towards ensuring that prescribing physicians can make well-informed decisions about therapy, fostering a patient’s ability to accept it with justified confidence. 

For every individual health is a fundamental value, and its temporary or prolonged absence can significantly impair quality of life. Medical science most commonly relies on pharmacological treatment for preserving or restoring health. Nevertheless, every pharmacological treatment carries inherent risks. In Europe and the United States, drug-related fatal side effects rank as the 5th most common cause of death. Pharmacovigilance, encompassing activities related to drug safety, aims to minimize these risks.

As a leading pharmacovigilance service provider, Inparibus is committed to the mission of reducing both the occurrence and severity of drug side effects, aligning with the timeless principle: “primum nil nocere” (“first, do no harm”).


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